Secure Retirement



After working 40, 50 or more years, for most of us it is time to retire and take it easy. For many, there was a pension from the company; or a 401K retirement program and these were for the most part managed by the company, or administration hired by the company.

However; when it is time to retire, often times the beneficiary must take the funds and do as they wish but remove them from the current system. For those who do not have to move the funds it is often a better idea to move the funds anyhow. But where do we move them to? Many believe the markets are too risky for retirees as they have no time to make up losses.

There are products available that have many different benefits for the retiree such as:

  1. Products that participate in the upward growth of the markets but not the downward losses of the markets, protecting your principal.
  2. Products with special riders that grow at a guaranteed percentage rate no matter what the markets do, for income and or death.
  3. Products that pass the remaining funds to your beneficiaries in the event of death rather than forfeiting them to the administration.
  4. Products that offer a lifetime of income even if your funds are completely depleted

As children with no worries, we had the whole world in our hands. Securing a guaranteed lifetime of income, helps to build and maintain a worry free retirement. An IIAI agent will listen to your particular concerns and provide free information about the products available to address your individual needs in building your worry free retirement and a lifetime of guaranteed income.