Prospective Agents Information


As it says in the slider on the main page; IIAI agents must commit themselves to always do what is best for the client, to the best of their ability.

IIAI Agents have to make a commitment to always do what is best for the client, to the best of their knowledge and ability. IIAI makes this easier for the agent because we are TRULY an Independent Agency. We do not have multiple companies (meaning more than one), we have access to the entire market.

For Example: if there is a more affordable Medicare Supplement available in a certain area for the clients, we go and get that product. We try to represent at least 3 of the most affordable 5 companies in any demographic, for Medicare Supplements.

Likewise, we represent many different life insurance companies. Depending on the client’s needs, Term, Whole Life, Final Expense, Participating Whole Life, Universal Life and so on, we represents several options for the client. If we find or learn of a product that better fits particular needs in a particular area, we go and get that product. This is what it means to be truly independent, you listen to the client’s needs and concerns and get for them the “best” product to address those concerns and needs.

What Does Independent Insurance Advisors Incorporated do for their Agents/Affiliate Agencies?

  • Agents are vested Day 1. You own your book of business and all of your renewals immediately!
  • Agents are paid directly by the carriers. IIAI never handles or holds the agents’ commissions!
  • Commissions are among the highest paid. For example: in many agencies the managers are paid 80% commission on Final Expense policies. At IIAI, brand new agents are paid 80% on Final Expense Policies.
  • IIAI affiliate agencies are offered their own fully functional web page that mirrors the main webpage, providing information to your clients, and validity to you as the agent.
  • IIAI agents have access to national, accurate quoting tools for Medicare Supplements and Final Expense policies so you always know what is the most affordable for your client, stopping others from rewriting your work and maintaining your great relationship with your book of business.
  • Commissions are paid based on production! For Example: 2 policies a week = 80%, 3 policies per week = 90%, and so on. Please ask for more information on this.
  • IIAI is committed to contracting with the companies and providing their agent the writing numbers for the carriers that would allow them to always have access to the best products for the client, in each state that we operate in, in each county that we have agents.
  • Agents have protected areas. This means that no other IIAI agent will market themselves in your protected area.
  • IIAI is mainly concerned with each agents’ individual success. We do not want to be the biggest, or have the most agents; we want to be the best, with only agents committed to the standards of an IIAI agency. This is why we only accept 2 agents in a given (Protected) area, and pay the highest commissions. We want to help the agent to build and have a successful and comfortable career and agency. This goes hand in hand with the expectation that the agent do the right thing, the first time and every time for the client!
  • IIAI has partnerships with proven Lead Generating Houses, providing “exclusive” leads, as well as the leads generated by the website that IIAI agents would have access to in their protected areas.

Are you ready to jump-start or re-start your career with an agency that is truly dedicated to you & your agency’s success? For further information about joining our team, please fill out the form on this page and an Independent Insurance Advisors Incorporated representative will personally contact you.

Our Pledge

It is our sincere pledge to maintain an atmosphere mutually beneficial to our clients and our affiliated independent agents. This will be accomplished by only accepting to work with a limited number of agents per area, committed to our mission statement and our philosophy of teaching rather than selling. These agents will be of good character and by their own pledge, do the right thing by the client the first time and every time, thus providing superior service, knowledge, and the best value for the client. In return for this character and commitment on the part of the affiliated independent agents, IIAI will continuously and consciously strive to make available the contracts, products, and tools required for the agent to provide this superior service for their clients but also to organize, run, and build a successful and profitable agency.