Long Term Care Insurance



Many of us will need some form of Long Term Care in our lifetime. For most of us this is at the end of our lives as we develop health and cognitive issues, and can no longer take care of ourselves or be safely left alone.

Until recently, if we did not have a family member that could take care of us and our needs this would mean going to the nursing home, where we could be cared for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is very expensive as the nursing home (depending on your location) is +/- $200 per day. This is a bit more than most have set aside for a rainy day.

Due to the constant evolution of Long Term Care Insurance, most policies now have “at home” benefits built in. This makes it possible to get the care that we need at home instead of the nursing home, which is preferable to the client/patient and cost effective for the insurance company.

In many states the “Partnership Program” has helped make Long Term Care Insurance more affordable compared to just a few years ago.

Ask an IIAI Agent to help you understand how you can use Long Term Care Insurance and the Partnership Program to take care of your needs and protect your assets.